24 September 2010

Quick Notes for a Friday #4

I've got a lot of links to pass along, so I'll try not to say too much.

  • Blogerable mentions:
  • Canadian science in the news:
    • The makings of a showdown between experts and hired guns in Alberta.
    • The muzzling story that I'll be blogging about (extensively) in the future both here and at The Bubble Chamber.
    • Old news for anyone who has talked to anyone in the planning elements of the civil service, but an external think tank has confirmed it.
    • Cool new Aurora Borealis livecam (via).
    • Canadians who might be short-listed for Nobel prizes.
        • In other Nobel news: a Nobel prize winner retracts (a non-Nobel prize winning paper). 
      • More science in the news:
      • Science fun courtesy of Metafilter and Boing Boing
        • A not entirely terrible map of the history of science.
        • Parting the sea

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