09 September 2010

Launched: The Bubble Chamber

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging much lately is that we have been getting a new group endeavour ready for launch.

Today we started up The Bubble Chamber. This is a very exciting project. It continues meetings that we've been having over the past couple of years where we've discussed a wide variety of examples of politicized science in society. The Bubble Chamber blog is a chance for us to continue our conversations, and share them with a wider audience, since the topics are often extremely poignant.

Check in regularly for new posts.

At launch we had a series of blogs:
The introduction, which is also on the about page,
Mike's book review of Steve Fuller,
Ellie's update on what she's working on (wildlife films),
Curtis's provocative post on evolutionary principles (which is already generating a lot of comments),
and last, but not least, my summary of some of the recent and not-so recent events in the Canadian Arctic.

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