10 September 2010

Quick Notes for a Friday #2

A couple of quick thoughts for Friday.

The launch of The Bubble Chamber has been spectacular. We have to keep building the momentum in terms of posting and spreading the word. My next task is to start brainstorming my second blog for it, which I hope to post in early October. I have a few ideas stockpiled on my white board, but I'm willing to put those off for a timely and topical post about Canadian politics.

Next week I have a series of blogs planned for Boffins and Cold Warriors. First, a second Teaching Tip - a lesson plan for dealing with the gap between high school and university critical reading expectations for historians. Second, some preliminary thoughts regarding the formation of the Toronto Blog Collective. Third, some more thoughts on open access vs editor-controlled academic content. And fourth, the first installment of what I'm working on.

Blog plan and topics are subject to change without notice, of course.

See you next week.


  1. I think the post about open access would be great for TBC :-)

  2. Totally looking forward to your new posts. As Will mentioned, the spotlight is on you, so no more lagging on the posts ;)