21 September 2019


It was our last lucid, if slightly intoxicated, conversation. He was freshly retired and full of knowledge about the difference between defined benefit pension plans and defined contribution pensions. He and his wife had plans to travel. He was still running marathons, cross-country skiing, and riding his bike. We were on the back patio of the Duke of York.

08 January 2014

Science Advocacy

Last October I contributed an article to iPolitics on the troubled relationship between science and government, and how the current situation is new, but not that different from previous conflicts between scientists and politicians. John Dupuis amalgamated links to the entire series on his blog, and recently asked everyone who contributed to the series to fill out a biography. I've been studying and/or involved in the science advocacy community for some time, including attending the science history and science policy conferences, so I was more than happy to respond to John's questions. My comments, which I typed up over the break, came at the same time the government announced it was closing a number of science libraries, so the timing was unfortunately appropriate.

30 October 2013

Quick Updates on a Thursday

It has been a busy week with lots of good news, some of which is impossible to convey in 140 character tweets, so

11 April 2013


On April 9th I attended the wonderful conference hosted by the newly renamed Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History entitled, "The Pearson Government: 50 Years On." This was probably the finest conference I have attended, because of the depth and breadth of insight offered by speakers, commentators, and audience. It was a rare and splendid opportunity, and I'm glad I was able to reschedule my other meetings to attend.